Image of a Honda CRV roof bike and SUP rack system featuring the Thule 460R Rapid Podium crossbar system using Fit Kit 3118 and ARB47 47" load bars with the Thule 527 Paceline bike rack and the Thule 535 ThruRide bike rack and the Thule 810XT SUP Taxi.

Here is a racked up ride with racks for two bikes and two SUPs. This 2014 Honda CRV bike rack and SUP rack system for the roof features the Thule 460R Rapid Podium roof rack system with Fit Kit 3118 and ARB47 47″ Aeroblade bars. Mounted to the bars is the Thule 527 Paceline standard fork mount bike rack and the Thule 535 ThruRide thru-axle fork mount bike carrier. Mounted between the two bike racks is the Thule 810XT SUP Taxi SUP carrier. All of this is mounted to a set of 47″ bars!


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Photo of a Ford Focus Wagon with factory crossbars bike racks for roof and hatch using the Yakima FrontLoader bike rack, the Yakima ForkLift bike rack with Cannondale Lefty adapter, and the Saris Bones 3 trunk mount bike rack.

This Ford Focus Wagon with roof bike racks and a trunk bike rack is using several different racks to get the job done. Mounted to the factory crossbars is a Yakima FrontLoader upright style bike rack and a Yakima ForkLift fork mount bike rack with a Cannondale Lefty Fork Adapter. Mounted to the hatch is the trusty Saris Bones 3 bike rack.

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Audi A3 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

by Rack James on September 16, 2015

Photo of an Audi A3 sedan hitch bike rack featuring the Kuat NV hitch bike rack for two bikes.

This Audi A3 hitch bike rack features the Kuat NV hitch mount bike rack, loaded with two bikes and working double time as a handy dry rack. The Kuat NV fits both 1 1/4″ and 2″ hitches and comes with a built in bike repair stand.


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2012 Dodge Ram Hitch Mount Platform Style Bike Rack

by Rack James on September 10, 2015

Photo of a 2012 Dodge Ram hitch mounted bike rack featuring the Kuat NV two bike hitch rack for a 2" hitch.

Here is a nice looking bike being carried in a nice looking bike rack installed on a nice looking truck. This 2012 Dodge Ram hitch mounted bike rack system is using the Kuat NV hitch mount platform/tray style bike rack installed into a 2″ hitch to carry a Salsa El Mariachi 29er. The Kuat NV is also available for 1 1/4″ hitches.

The Kuat NV Hitch Mount bike rack features a built in bike repair stand for pre-ride tweaks.

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Image of a 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen roof crossbars for side rails with two bike racks and trunk bike rack using the Thule Aeroblade Edge crossbar system for raised side rails with the Thule 594XT SideArm bike rack and the Yakima FrontLoader bike rack and the Saris Solo trunk bike rack.

These nice folks were happy to show off their 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen bike rack system for three bikes. Definitely a mixed bag of styles and brands to get the job done, but that doesn’t bother us. This 2015 Golf wagon bike rack system is using the Thule Aeroblade Edge crossbar system (7502 Front / 7501 Rear) with the Thule 594XT SideArm bike rack and the Yakima FrontLoader bike rack attached to the Thule Aeroblade bars. For carrying a third bike, they are using the Saris Solo single bike trunk bike rack. Here’s a closer look of the VW Golf Sportwagen rack system for three bikes:



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Picture of a Tesla Model S hitch bike rack featuring the Thule 916XTR T2 hitch mounted tray style bike rack for two bikes.

It’s not everyday that you see a $100K automobile parked in a dusty parking lot near your favorite bike trails, but this is just what I found the other day. This Tesla Model S hitch bike rack is using the Thule 916XTR T2 hitch mount bike rack for two bikes. And if the vehicle is any indication, I imagine the bikes are pretty dreamy too.

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Toyota Tundra Tailgate Bike Rack Pad

by Rack James on September 8, 2015

Picture of a Toyota Tacoma truck bed tailgate bike pad for four bikes using the Thule 824 GateMate Tailgate pad.

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and effective way to transport several bikes in a truck bed, check this out. This Toyota Tacoma tailgate bike rack uses the Thule 824 GateMate Tailgete 62″ Full Size tailgate pad  for carrying four bikes. The Thule 824 GateMate protects both the bikes and the tailgate during transit and can also be used to protect the tailgate when transporting lumber and other long items.


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Picture of Jetta Sportwagen crossbars for factory siderails featuring the Inno IN-AR crossbar system.

This 2009 Jetta Sportwagen base rack crossbar system features the affordable Inno IN-AR crossbar system attached to the factory raised side rails. Simple and affordable, the Inno IN-AR system isn’t the fanciest crossbar system on the market, but it gets the job done at a great price, and even includes locks and keys. Here is another shot of the crossbars for a Jetta Sportwagen:

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Image of Toyota Tundra roof bike rack system for four bikes using the Inno IN-SU roof rack system with two SportRack SR4622 Wheel Off fork mount bike racks and two SportRack SR4882 Upshift upright style bike racks.

These folks are ready to roll with their 2014 Toyota Tundra bike rack system using the Inno IN-SU complete base rack system with K228 Fit Hooks and B147 58″ load bars. For carrying the bikes, there are two SportRack SR4622 WheelOff fork mount bike carriers and two SportRack SR4882 Upshift bike carriers.

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Image of the factory rack-compatible Yakima HullHound kayak mount set of 2.

Not sure what to do with your free time? You could spend it searching for the elusive (and slightly scary-sounding) mythical beast called the hellhound. Or you could enjoy it outside on your favorite stretch of water with the convenient (and very user-friendly) new Yakima HullHound. The Yakima HullHound universal kayak carrier is sold as a set of 2–enough saddles for one cross bar. An additional 1/2-set kayak carrier, such as another set of HullHounds or a set of Yakima HullyRollers, is necessary to complete the kayak rack, customized to your needs. The innovative new Yakima HullHound features tilting paddles that are adjustable to accommodate many kayak shapes and rack styles, an automatically-adjusting spring-loaded base for loading the kayak into the rack, and molded pads for protective, no-slip transport. The HullHound is compatible with all styles of vehicle rack cross bars, like Yakima, Whipsbar, Inno, Thule, or factory OEM rails–and the straightforward and quick installation doesn’t require any tools. A bow/stern and heavy duty tie-down strap are included, and the HullHound accepts Yakima SKS lock cores (sold separately).

View All Kayak Rack Systems

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Image of the Yakima SweetRoll roller-saddle kayak rack system for factory and aftermarket cross bars.

It’s hard to believe, but in many places lakes and ponds will be icing over in a few short months. That’s why its so important to make hitting the water today as quick and simple as possible. Now, with the new Yakima SweetRoll cartop kayak rack with flexible roller saddles, loading your kayak onto your car is a breeze. The Yakima SweetRoll features exciting new kayak saddle technology that includes built-in rollers to easily load your kayak onto your roof rack from the rear of your vehicle, tilting paddles that adjust to fit with varying kayak shapes and rack styles, an auto-adjust spring-loaded base for placing the kayak on the rack, and molded pads for protective, non-slip transport. The SweetRoll is compatible with any style of base rack cross bars, like Thule, Yakima, Inno, Whispbar, or OEM factory models, and the fast installation doesn’t require any tools. Bow/stern and heavy duty tie-down straps come included, and this rack is also designed to work with Yakima’s SKS lock cores.

View All Kayak Carrier Rack Systems

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Image of the exciting new Yakima JayLow adjustable kayak cradles and stacker rack.

Talk about flexible. The 2014 Yakima JayLow stacker and cradle rack for 1 or 2 kayaks can kick, stretch, and bend. Or at least it can angle, mount vertically, or fold down. This versatile Yakima rooftop kayak carrier system allows you to transport one kayak J-style, two kayaks stacker-style, or fold the cradles flush with the vehicle cross bars to leave the rack on when not in use. Installation of the JayLow is fast and simple, thanks to no-tools-needed universal hardware that is compatible with all cross rail styles, like Thule, Inno, Yakima, Whispbar, and factory roof racks. Converting from a 2-kayak vertical stacker, a 1-boat angled “J” cradle, or a collapsible rack to save space when no boats are loaded is made easy thanks to a user-friendly cam lever. Mast padding keeps boats stable and protected, and a built-in ramp makes them easier to mount in the carrier. The JayLow is compatible with the Yakima SKS locking system, and heavy duty straps and bow-stern tie-downs come included with the unit.

View Complete Kayak Rack Category

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Image of the all-new Yakima SupPup carrier for 1 or 2 stand-up paddleboards on roof rack cross bars.

Man’s best friend? Well, at least the best friend of men and women who love watersports: the new Yakima SupPup SUP roof rack for 1-2 boards. For use with one or two stand-up paddleboards, the Yakima SupPup delivers quality, ease-of-use, and convenient new design features, including a sliding strap system that self-adjusts to accommodate different board widths and includes adjustable pads to protect the finish of the boards; rubberized cradles that provide a no-skid surface to fully protect boards; an out-of-sight stow-away feature for excess strapping; and universal install hardware compatible with factory and aftermarket car rack systems alike, with tool-free and super-fast mounting and removal.

View all SUP Racks

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Image of the Whispbar WB401 SmartLoad rollers kayak carrier with adjusting wing saddles.

Is there anything better than a crisp, sunny afternoon on the water? Now you can take advantage of a free afternoon to get out paddling quickly and easily with the intuitive new Whispbar WB401 rooftop kayak rack with roller assists. The WB401 mounts to Whispbar cross bars in seconds by snapping seamlessly into the T-slot crossbar channel. Installation on aftermarket cross bars from brands like Yakima and Thule is also a cinch using adapters (included). Clever SmartFlex saddles with rubber padding are adjustable to fit the shape of your boat and protect it from slipping or scratching, and the saddles also feature built-in front and rear rollers so that loading your kayak is as effortless as nosing it up into the rack and sliding into position. The SmartFlex saddles include Yakima SKS-compatible lock cores and keys to lock them onto the base rack. Padded cross bar straps and ratcheting bow-stern tie downs fully secure the boat in transit, offering worry-free travel and a simple start to any great adventure.

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Image of the Whispbar 10-cubic foot WB700 hard-sided gear carrier with locks and low-profile design.

Image of the Whispbar 13-cubic foot WB701 dual-open hardshell roof box for universal cross bars.

Quiet as a breeze, sleek as a panther, aerodynamic as a gliding bird, and much easier to spot: the superior new series of Whispbar cartop cargo boxes. This exceptional lineup features the Whispbar WB700 premium locking cargo box for small cars, and the Whispbar WB701 aero cargo box for midsize automobiles. The only difference between these carriers is that the WB700 features 10 cubic feet of cargo space and is best suited for compact vehicles; the WB701 features 13 cubic feet of cargo space and pairs well with mid-sized vehicles like SUVs and wagons.

The WB700 rooftop cargo shell and the WB701 car rack box share many impressive technical and design specifications, like dual-side access that makes opening the box convenient whether you’re on the driver or passenger side of the vehicle, and locks that simultaneously lock belongings out of sight inside of the box and lock the box itself onto the car rack. The low-profile shape is both aesthetically-minded to complement the vehicle and engineered to minimize wind drag in transit. Install hardware is fast, user-friendly, and compatible with virtually any type of roof rack, from square or round rooftop bars from brands like Thule, Inno, or Yakima to elliptical bars from Whispbar and OEM factory cross rails. Rack mounts adjust to contour to the cross bar spread of your rack system, and both cargo boxes are waterproof and rugged enough to withstand years of use. The WB700 and WB701 come in gloss black or silver colors.

View All Roof-Mount Cargo Box Racks

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Image of the brand new Whispbar WB201 adjustable roof bike rack for mounting to a bicycle down tube.

More intelligent, more attractive, and more integrated. The competition doesn’t stand a chance against the outstanding new Whispbar WB201 t-channel bicycle frame rack. Sustaining Whipsbar’s unmatched reputation for design and performance, the WB201 is intelligent enough to automatically apply the perfect pressure to your bike frame using clamping SmartHold technology. The WB201 boasts exceptional attractiveness thanks to its sleek design that is also engineered to minimize wind drag on the roof of your vehicle. And the WB201 is more integrated than other racks, using Whispbar’s QuickDock technology that installs into the cross bar channel on the Whispbar bars with just a quick flick of the wrist for a dependable, seamless fit–an adapter is also included for use with round or square roof bars. Plus, for full security the WB201 even includes locks for bicycle and rack.

View All Roof-Mount Bicycle Rack Systems

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Image of the new Yakima 5-bike Ridgeback hitch carrier with locking receiver knob and tilting mast.

Growing family? Here’s a bike rack that will grow with you: the new-for-2014 Yakima RidgeBack 5 bicycle carrier for trailer hitch receivers. Perfect for carrying anywhere from 1-5 bikes, the RidgeBack 5 is the largest capacity carrier in Yakima’s high-quality price-point rack series. The RidgeBack 5 fits on virtually any vehicle hitch, since it comes compatible with either 1-1/4″ or 2″ receivers, and because the RidgeBack 5 is preassembled right out of the box, there’s no need to suffer the frustration of finding the right tools to install it or losing small parts in your driveway. Bikes of almost any shape or size can be transported snug and secure with three points of contact, using Yakima’s quick-adjust ZipStrips top tube straps and anti-sway cradles that prevent bikes from bashing against each other on bumps. The RidgeBack’s innovative SpeedKnob system offers fast, simple installation or removal and rattle-free travel, and also locks the rack onto the receiver hitch using an SKS-compatible lock core (additionally, a Yakima HandCuff locking cable can be purchased separately to lock the bikes onto the rack). The UpperHand lever, conveniently located at eye level, allows the rack to tilt down for accessing cargo in the rear of the car or truck. When the rack isn’t in use, the arms drop for on-vehicle storage, and the whole rack collapses flat to take up minimal storage space off the vehicle. With solid steel construction and a powder coat finish, the RidgeBack 5 is both durable and stylish, and the curved mast shape offers drive train and pedal clearance to further protect bikes and rack in transit. Bonus feature? The always-appreciated bottle opener integrated into the end of the rack arm.

To see all of the new Yakima hitch bike racks, visit the complete Yakima bicycle carriers for hitch mounts page.

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Here's the new Yakima RidgeBack 4 receiver mount bike rack with hitch lock and tilt-away feature.

Allow us to introduce you to one of the exciting new options from Yakima’s 2014 lineup of trailer hitch bike racks: the Yakima RidgeBack 4 hitch-mount bicycle carrier. The middle sibling in Yakima’s value series of RidgeBack hitch racks (there are also 2-bike and 5-bike models), the RidgeBack 4 transports up to four bicycles on a rack that works with both 1.25″ and 2″ trailer hitches, no adapters needed. The RidgeBack rack comes pre-assembled, sparing you the hassle of rummaging for tools or losing nuts and bolts on the floor of your garage, and it secures each bike with 3 contact points: a pair of ZipStrips straps that adjust easily on the bicycle’s top tube, and an anti-sway cradle that stabilizes the bike to avoid contact with the rack or other bikes installed beside it. The SpeedKnob system on the RidgeBack 4 makes installation and removal amazingly fast, eliminates rattling on bumpy roads, and even locks the carrier onto the vehicle using a Yakima Same Key System lock core and key. Additionally, a Yakima HandCuff cable lock for the bikes can be purchased separately. An accessible UpperHand lever makes it simple to tilt the rack away from the rear of the vehicle to open a hatchback or rear cargo space, and the rack arms are collapsible for improved clearance when bikes aren’t being carried. The entire unit also folds flat for space-saving storage off the vehicle. With a sturdy steel construction and powder coat finish, the RidgeBack 4 is burly and durable, and the unique S-shape of the rack mast leaves space to keep the bike’s pedals and chainrings from coming into contact with the rack. And if you still aren’t sold on the Yakima RidgeBack 4, consider this: a bottle opener is even integrated into the arm of the rack to quench your post-ride thirst.

View the complete line of Yakima Hitch Bike Racks.

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Image of the brand new Yakima RidgeBack 1.25" & 2" receiver hitch rack for two bicycles.

Compact, innovative, easy to use, and wallet-friendly. What’s not to love about the new Yakima RidgeBack 2 bicycle hitch mount? The smallest capacity carrier in Yakima’s new line of quality RidgeBack hitch racks, the RidgeBack 2 carries one or two bikes and works with both 1-1/4″ and 2″ receiver hitch mouths as is–no adapters needed. And to keep things easy, this rack also comes pre-assembled, so no fumbling with small parts and no tools needed, either. The RidgeBack 2 anchors the bikes with three points of contact, including super simple and secure ZipStrips top tube straps, and anti-sway cradles that keep bikes from bumping into each other in transit. The SpeedKnob system not only allows for easy install/removal and impressive stability, but also serves as a lock (with SKS lock core included) to lock the rack onto the vehicle. A cable lock for bicycles–the Yakima HandCuff–is also compatible with the RidgeBack and sold separately. The UpperHand cam lever, located handily at the top of the rack, allows the unit to tilt away from the car or truck for accessing gear in the back hatch, trunk, bed, etc.. The rack arms also fold down to save space when the rack ins’t being used, and the RidgeBack is fully collapsible to stow away small off the vehicle. The steel construction is sturdy and durable, and the powder coat finish resists rusts for improved longevity. Plus, the S-shaped mast design further protects bikes by adding clearance for pedals and chainrings. An integrated bottle opener is even included.

For more excellent options, visit the Yakima Hitch Bike Racks page.

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Image of the new Yakima FullTilt 5 locking hitch bike rack for 1-1/4" or 2" trailer hitches.

Your bikes and your friends are both precious, and now, thanks to the new Yakima FullTilt 5 locking hitch-mount bike carrier, you don’t have to decide between them on your next road trip. The Yakima FullTilt 5 is the largest in Yakima’s new line of premium FullTilt hitch bicycle racks, carrying up to five bikes and connecting into both 1.25″ or 2″ trailer hitches. The FullTilt is fast and simple to install, using a clever auto-pin that audibly clicks when the rack is inserted correctly into the vehicle hitch, and the locking SpeedKnob and integrated cable lock allow the rack to be locked onto the car’s receiver and the bikes to be locked onto the rack, both using Yakima SKS lock cores. When bikes aren’t loaded, the FullTilt tilts away from the vehicle by simply pulling a lever for handy access to a rear car door or hatch, and the mast arms also fold flush with the carrier for on-vehicle storage when not in use. Ratchet-style ZipStrip bike straps and high-quality padding on the mast arms offer topnotch security and protection, and the built-in bottle opener on the rack definitely completes this fine package.

Alternately, check out the complete line of Yakima hitch bike mounts.

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Here's the all-new Yakima FullTilt 4 lockable tilt-down bike rack for a 1-1/4" or 2" vehicle hitch.

Quality. Ease of use. Security. Style. Bottle Opener. Yes, Yakima has every feature covered in their new-for-2014 Yakima FullTilt 4-bike carrier for trailer hitch receivers. The Yakima FullTilt 4 is part of Yakima’s exceptional new FullTilt hitch bike rack line. It carries up to four bicycles and is compatible with both 1.25″ or 2″ hitches. Innovative technologies and specifications on the FullTilt include a built-in cable lock and a locking SpeedKnob to lock the bikes on the rack and the rack on the car or truck hitch (both locks are compatible with Yakima’s Same Key System lock cores); a simple lever to tilt the rack mast away from the vehicle when bikes aren’t being carried, allowing a hatchback or rear vehicle door to easily open; collapsible mast arms to streamline the rack when it isn’t being used; super secure ZipStrip ratchet straps to hold bikes stably even on rough roads; padded mast arms to protect bicycle frames; no-tool auto-pin installation that makes an audible “click” when the rack is mounted properly in the receiver; and last-but-not-least, the integrated bottle opener for your apres-cycling beverage.

View the full selection of Yakima bike racks for trailer hitches.

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Image of the new-for-2014 Yakima FullSwing hitch rack for four bicycles on a 2" trailer hitch.

Sure, you offered to drive all your friends to the weekend trail ride. Sure, you even helped them load up their bikes on your hitch rack.  But what happens when you pack up the bicycles post-ride only to discover you’ve left the cold ones in the back of the car? You could unload all those bikes again to get your hatchback open while your thirsty friends wait. Or, you could be the real hero of the ride and outfit your vehicle with the new Yakima FullSwing swing-away trailer hitch rack for 4 bikes, which swings  out from the receiver hitch for super easy access to the rear hatch, door, or trunk on your vehicle while the bicycles are still mounted in the rack. The Yakima FullSwing hitch carrier, which transports up to four bicycles, pairs this handy slide-out design with other convenient features, like a lever-operated foldable mast for when bikes aren’t being carried and premium padding and ratcheting ZipStrip straps that keep your bicycles fully secure in transit. You can feel confident with the rack installed thanks to the audible auto-pin insert that clicks when the rack is inserted correctly and complete locking security with the SKS-compatible SpeedKnob hitch lock and  built-in locking bike cable. And did we mention the FullSwing even comes with an integrated bottle open to prove to your friends you really have thought of everything? The FullSwing is compatible with 2″ trailer hitch receivers only.

For more information and other terrific options, visit the Yakima Hitch Bike Racks page.

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Image of the Saris 4412B Freedom platform hitch rack for 2 bikes.

Image of the Saris 4414B Freedom 4-bike trailer hitch rack.

Freedom from super costly rack systems that break the bank before you even hit the road. Freedom from wondering whether your kid’s or women’s-specific bike frame will fit on your new bicycle rack. Freedom from your bikes and your rack rattling around on your car when you hit a rough patch on the drive. These are a few of the new freedoms you’ll experience with the Saris Racks line of Freedom hitch bike racks, including the Saris Freedom 4414B hitch four-bike carrier and the Saris Freedom 4412B hitch two-bike carrier.

Each of these superb racks includes a handy platform system that makes installing and removing bikes on the rack effortless—no need to struggle with lifting bikes overhead, simply lift them to hitch-height on your vehicle, tighten, and go. The ultra-strong rack masts fold down easily to access the rear of the vehicle when bikes aren’t being transported. Additionally, the masts lock into three upright positions, while the rubber cradles with padded straps adjust along the masts, allowing you to find the optimal fit for the frame style and size of each bicycle. Ratchet strap wheel trays slide on the rack frame and secure with twist knobs, allowing you to contour the trays to the wheelbase of the bike being carried. A threaded, anti-rattle hitch pin reduces rack movement in transit, and a lockable hitch pin to lock the rack onto the car or truck receiver is also available from Saris for separate sale. And to top it off, the Freedom racks from Saris are proudly made in the USA.

The 4414B Freedom, designed for use with 2” trailer hitch receivers, hauls up to four bikes and features push-lever folding for on-vehicle storage as well as a tethered bail pin to tilt the rack down and open rear vehicle hatch or door without removing bicycles. It also comes with a cut-away in the rack base to insert an optional locking bike cable. The 4412B Freedom carries up to two bikes and comes with a universal hitch mount for use with 1-1/4” or 2” trailer hitch receivers.

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Image of the new Saris Freedom SuperClamp 4026 platform hitch bike mount for carrying 4 bikes.

Image of the new Saris Freedom SuperClamp 4025 platform hitch bike mount for carrying 2 bikes.

If you treat your bicycle like it’s your baby, then it’s definitely time to upgrade to one of the premium new Freedom SuperClamp hitch bike racks from Saris. The Saris 4026 Freedom SuperClamp 4-bike hitch rack and the Saris 4025 Freedom SuperClamp 2-bike hitch rack offer the ultimate in performance and convenience for getting your beloved bicycle safely and soundly wherever you need to go. Both models include a versatile platform-style design with ratcheting, padded hook arms that clamp to the front and rear wheels of the bicycle for a secure fit with virtually any size or style of bike—and by connecting the rack to the wheels, there’s no contact with the bicycle frame or associated risks of scratching. The platform system also makes loading and unloading bikes incredibly quick and easy, while the rack masts lock upright and fold down for easy access to the rear of the vehicle when bikes aren’t being carried. Sliding wheel trays with ratchet straps adjust easily using twist knobs for a contoured fit to the specific bike being carried, and a built-in cable lock allows the bikes to be locked to the rack and also stows away inside the rack arm when not in use. An additional included hitch lock locks the rack to the vehicle for complete peace of mind.

The 4026 Freedom SuperClamp, designed for use with 2” trailer hitch receivers, carries up to four bikes and also features push-lever folding for on-vehicle storage and a tethered bail pin to tilt the rack down and open rear vehicle hatch or door without removing bicycles. The 4025 Freedom SuperClamp carries up to two bikes and comes with a hitch adapter sleeve for use with 1-1/4” or 2” trailer hitch receivers. Best of all, these Saris racks are proudly made in the USA.

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Here's the value-packed new Thule 868 Outbound rooftop gear bag.

And here's the ultimate rooftop gear bag, the new Thule 869 Interstate cargo bag.

Whether you’re heading out for the weekend solo or with a whole crew of friends, you’ll be able to pack all of your essential gear hassle-free thanks to two terrific new cartop cargo bag options from Thule Racks. Check out the Thule 869 Interstate roof bag and the Thule 868 Outbound roof bag, both new releases for 2014.

The premium Thule 869 Interstate soft-sided roof bag features the finest construction and  maximum cargo space in its category. This 16 cubic foot luggage bag offers the best water resistance in the industry, and the super-durable materials are also designed with minimal environmental impacts. The Interstate mounts to vehicles with factory or aftermarket roof rack cross bars or raised side rails, and includes a padded base for abrasion resistance. The coated, 3-way zipper provides a storm flap for easy access and improved protection from the elements, and compression straps keep gear securely in place and reduce drag and noise in transit. And when your travels are finished for the season, the Interstate also packs down small for simple storage.

Like the Interstate, the Thule 868 Outbound soft-sided roof bag also includes a weather-resistant 3-sided zipper, a padded base to prevent scratching on the vehicle roof, dual compression straps to keep belongings organized and the bag streamlined, and environmentally-conscious construction. The Thule Outbound, however, offers more modest sizing and pricing than the Interstate, with a 13 cubic foot capacity. The Outbound also attaches to virtually any cartop roof rack or raised side rails, and folds flat for easy storage.

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Image of the innovative new Thule 527 Paceline fork bike rack.

Image of the new Thule 819 Portage universal canoe rack.

Image of the all-new Thule 811 SUP Shuttle carrier for stand-up paddleboards and surfboards.

Summer is short, and Thule knows there isn’t a moment to spare when it’s time to get outside. That’s why they’ve just released several outstanding new products in their bicycle and watersport carrier lines: the Thule 811 SUP Shuttle, Thule 527 Paceline bike rack, and Thule 819 Portage canoe carrier.

The Thule 811 SUP Shuttle pads and straps set is a versatile and value-packed way to carry one or two stand-up paddleboards (or other watersport boards). The SUP Shuttle comes with FlipFit mounting hardware that cleverly reverses to fit either factory or aftermarket styles of rooftop cross bar, and telescoping base pads that contour to the specific width of your board (up to 34” wide). The SUP Shuttle also includes easily-adjustable rack straps with wrap-around padding and buckle bumpers for scratch-free security.

The Thule 527 Paceline roof-mount bike carrier takes convenience and style to a new level. This sleek bicycle rack offers a corrosion-resistant aluminum tray with a low-profile design, ratcheting strap and high-wall wheel tray for optimal fit and security, and mounts that fit most round, square, or factory cross bars right out of the box. But the crowning feature on the Thule Paceline is the one-handed accessibility of the precision dial, which automatically clamps to the bicycle fork to deliver the optimal hold for secure, worry-free travel.

The Thule 819 Portage canoe brackets boast improved performance and simpler operation thanks to the FlipFit cross bar mounts that are compatible with virtually all round/square/aero/factory roof racks and the ramped gunwale stops that help the canoe slide up over the brackets and easily into place on the cross rails. Cushioning on the stops provides added protection, while the included bow/stern and load straps make tying the boat a cinch.

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roof rack Inno fairing offer from ORS Racks Direct - 0414
Inno Racks nationwide (USA) online retailer, ORS Racks Direct, is now running an exclusive promotional offer. Purchase any cartop mount complete roof rack system and receive for Free Inno’s car rack wind fairing.

American online retailer of the complete Inno Racks product line, ORS Racks Direct, is offering customers - for the entire month of April 2014 – an exclusive promotion called  – ‘Spring’ Into Action – featuring a free Inno Racks wind fairing / noise deflector shield with the purchase of any Inno Racks multi-purpose base roof rack systems w/ cross bars (free rack locks are also included). Long known for their market leading ability to successfully combine durability, superior quality and modern design styling with value pricing that most other big brand name vehicle rack manufacturers are unable to duplicate for similar car rack products performing the same compatibility and functioning performance as their Inno Racks counterparts.

view Inno Racks Free Wind Fairing with Roof Rack Purchase complete details
view line-up of all Inno Roof Racks complete base systems for car rooftops

Products within the Inno automobile cartop base rack + crossbars line-up include the IN-SU (for cars, vans and pickup trucks with totally bare rooftops currently, no factory rack, side rails, roof tracks etc.); IN-FR (for mounting to vehicles with factory side rails); IN-XR (for rooftops with pair of tracks mounted, or for vehicles with factory installed fixed rack attachment points); IN-AD / IN-SD / IN-MD raingutter roof racks (for rooftop rain gutters-drip rails, as well as mounting brackets that allow for the attachment of these rain gutter rack systems. All products listed are available at ORS Racks Direct for complete details and specifications, car rack reviews, informational videos, discussions, questions and answers for Inno products, as well as purchasing.

Also new for 2014 is the premium Inno XS Series (all qualify for the free wind fairing offer). These complete roof rack systems meet the discriminating satisfaction of customers seeking the highest levels for aesthetics, aerodynamic fuel savings, quieting of rack noise, guaranteed lifetime durability and maximum versatility. The XS  Series of car racks includes the Inno XS100 for raised side rails; XS200 for smooth, totally bare rooftops; XS300 for fixed-points or vehicles with roof tracks; XS400 for flush mount side rails.

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Image of the folding SportRack SR9850 hitch cargo basket for 2" vehicle receivers.

Whether you’re trying to transport gear for a weekend camping trip or ski get-away with the family, or a cross-country move with everything you own, the new-for-2013 line of SportRack roof boxes, luggage bags, and hitch or cartop gear baskets has the perfect system for your belongings and for your vehicle. As a division of Thule Racks, quality and affordability are paired in one great collection from SportRack. A plentiful assortment of gear carriers is available, from trailer hitch-mount baskets to soft-sided bags for rooftop side rails; baskets, bags, or boxes for round, square, or factory car rack cross bars; and cargo carrier accessories, too.

All SportRack Gear Racks, Roof Boxes, Luggage Bags, and Cargo Baskets

Cargo Basket & Accessory Bag for 2” Trailer Hitch Category

The SportRack SR9850 Foldable Cargo Basket for a trailer hitch is one popular model that makes transporting your gear as effortless as loading it into a basket mounted on the vehicle receiver hitch. Installing or removing the basket is straightforward and simple: the basket connects directly into a 2” trailer hitch receiver (fits 2” receivers only). The SR9850 is constructed with heavy duty steel that is tough, durable, and can carry up to 500 pounds. The SR9850 also folds up when it isn’t loaded, allowing the basket to stow on the back of the vehicle between uses. A popular addition to this basket is the SportRack SR8120 hitch basket cargo bag, which nests inside the SR9850 basket.

SportRack Rooftop Rack Cargo-Luggage-Gear Boxes Category

Waterproof, locking, hard-sided luggage boxes for rooftop racks popular models are the SR7011 Horizon 11 cu. ft., SR7016 Horizon 16 cu. ft., and SR7017 Horizon 17 cu. ft. gear boxes; SR7095 Skyline 18 cu. ft. gear box; and SR7018 Vista 18 cu. ft. rear-open gear box.

SportRack Rooftop Rack Cargo Bags/Baskets Category

Popular cargo bag and basket models for rooftop racks are the SR8107 15 cu. ft. cargo bag; SR8106 13 cu. ft. cargo bag; and SR9030 roof basket.

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Image of the SportRack SR5528 6" block and strap full kit for carrying a canoe on a bare roof or on vehicle cross rails.

Thanks to the 2013 line of SportRack watersport systems for cross rails or bare roofs, you’ll be able to get your canoe or kayak to the water safely and securely, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. As a division of Thule Racks, name brand quality and budget-friendly affordability merge in SportRack watersport products. A variety of kayak cross bar mounts are included in the lineup, as are complete canoe and kayak foam block systems, and configurations are designed for cars with no roof rack (bare roof), cars with aftermarket roof racks (like those from SportRack, Yakima, Inno, Thule, Whispbar, and more), and for most vehicle factory car racks, too. Handy kayak and canoe rack accessories are also available.

SportRack Kayak Racks and Canoe/Kayak Block & Strap Kits Complete Product Lineup

SportRack Bare Roof Foam Blocks/Straps Complete Kit for Kayaks & Canoes Category

The SportRack SR5528 6” complete canoe kit standard carrier comes with everything included to carry a kayak on almost any vehicle roof: blocks, straps, and tie-downs. Six-inch foam blocks with cut-outs mount directly onto the canoe gunwales, and include a non-skid surface that is compatible with a naked car rooftop with no vehicle rack, a factory cross rails rack, or a round/square/elliptical aftermarket cross bars system. A pair of bow/stern tie-downs with buckles lash the canoe to the car bumpers, and a 15’ canoe strap connects the boat onto the vehicle roof or roof rack. Other popular models include the SR5529 8” canoe carrier; SR5527 adjustable kayak carrier; SR5525 12” kayak carrier; SR5530 14” kayak carrier; SR5526 16” kayak carrier; and SR5531 18” kayak carrier.

SportRack Roof Rack Kayak Systems Category

Popular kayak holders for vehicle cross bars include the SR5512 saddle kayak carrier; SR5523 side-stacking kayak carrier; SR5511 J-stacking kayak carrier; and SR5513 folding kayak carrier.


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Image of the locking SportRack SR6456 snowsport rack for 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.

SportRack ski and snowboard racks (owned by Thule Racks) fuse value, performance, and affordability in multiple styles and sizes of carrier that are sure to fit your gear and vehicle configurations. The 2013 ski and snowboard mounts by SportRack allow snowboards and skis to be carried at the same time, and offer everything from economy options for carrying just a single board or pair of skis, to weatherproof, versatile boxes that can carry snowboards, skis, poles, and gear altogether. Carriers are available for SportRack cross bars and other aftermarket roof racks (like those from Yakima, Inno, Thule, Whispbar, and more), and for most OEM vehicle cross rails, too.

SportRack snowboard and ski racks for cartop cross bars complete product line

SportRack Ski & Snowboard Roof Racks Category

The SportRack SR6456 cartop carrier for 4 snowboards/6 pairs of skis is a terrific choice that is compatible with round, square, or factory cross bars and mounts simply with no drilling required. Raiser block mounts are included for additional binding clearance, and locks are also integrated for extra security. Other popular models include the SR6454 rack for 2 snowboards/4 pairs of skis; and the SR6453 rack for 6 snowboards/8 pairs of skis.

SportRack Ski & Snowboard Cargo Boxes Category

Popular lockable and waterproof ski/snowboard roof boxes include the SR7017 box (17 cubic foot); SR7016 box (16 cubic foot); and the SR7011 (11 cubic foot).


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