roof rack Inno fairing offer from ORS Racks Direct - 0414
Inno Racks nationwide (USA) online retailer, ORS Racks Direct, is now running an exclusive promotional offer. Purchase any cartop mount complete roof rack system and receive for Free Inno’s car rack wind fairing.

American online retailer of the complete Inno Racks product line, ORS Racks Direct, is offering customers - for the entire month of April 2014 – an exclusive promotion called  – ‘Spring’ Into Action – featuring a free Inno Racks wind fairing / noise deflector shield with the purchase of any Inno Racks multi-purpose base roof rack systems w/ cross bars (free rack locks are also included). Long known for their market leading ability to successfully combine durability, superior quality and modern design styling with value pricing that most other big brand name vehicle rack manufacturers are unable to duplicate for similar car rack products performing the same compatibility and functioning performance as their Inno Racks counterparts.

view Inno Racks Free Wind Fairing with Roof Rack Purchase complete details
view line-up of all Inno Roof Racks complete base systems for car rooftops

Products within the Inno automobile cartop base rack + crossbars line-up include the IN-SU (for cars, vans and pickup trucks with totally bare rooftops currently, no factory rack, side rails, roof tracks etc.); IN-FR (for mounting to vehicles with factory side rails); IN-XR (for rooftops with pair of tracks mounted, or for vehicles with factory installed fixed rack attachment points); IN-AD / IN-SD / IN-MD raingutter roof racks (for rooftop rain gutters-drip rails, as well as mounting brackets that allow for the attachment of these rain gutter rack systems. All products listed are available at ORS Racks Direct for complete details and specifications, car rack reviews, informational videos, discussions, questions and answers for Inno products, as well as purchasing.

Also new for 2014 is the premium Inno XS Series (all qualify for the free wind fairing offer). These complete roof rack systems meet the discriminating satisfaction of customers seeking the highest levels for aesthetics, aerodynamic fuel savings, quieting of rack noise, guaranteed lifetime durability and maximum versatility. The XS  Series of car racks includes the Inno XS100 for raised side rails; XS200 for smooth, totally bare rooftops; XS300 for fixed-points or vehicles with roof tracks; XS400 for flush mount side rails.

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Image of the folding SportRack SR9850 hitch cargo basket for 2" vehicle receivers.

Whether you’re trying to transport gear for a weekend camping trip or ski get-away with the family, or a cross-country move with everything you own, the new-for-2013 line of SportRack roof boxes, luggage bags, and hitch or cartop gear baskets has the perfect system for your belongings and for your vehicle. As a division of Thule Racks, quality and affordability are paired in one great collection from SportRack. A plentiful assortment of gear carriers is available, from trailer hitch-mount baskets to soft-sided bags for rooftop side rails; baskets, bags, or boxes for round, square, or factory car rack cross bars; and cargo carrier accessories, too.

All SportRack Gear Racks, Roof Boxes, Luggage Bags, and Cargo Baskets

Cargo Basket & Accessory Bag for 2” Trailer Hitch Category

The SportRack SR9850 Foldable Cargo Basket for a trailer hitch is one popular model that makes transporting your gear as effortless as loading it into a basket mounted on the vehicle receiver hitch. Installing or removing the basket is straightforward and simple: the basket connects directly into a 2” trailer hitch receiver (fits 2” receivers only). The SR9850 is constructed with heavy duty steel that is tough, durable, and can carry up to 500 pounds. The SR9850 also folds up when it isn’t loaded, allowing the basket to stow on the back of the vehicle between uses. A popular addition to this basket is the SportRack SR8120 hitch basket cargo bag, which nests inside the SR9850 basket.

SportRack Rooftop Rack Cargo-Luggage-Gear Boxes Category

Waterproof, locking, hard-sided luggage boxes for rooftop racks popular models are the SR7011 Horizon 11 cu. ft., SR7016 Horizon 16 cu. ft., and SR7017 Horizon 17 cu. ft. gear boxes; SR7095 Skyline 18 cu. ft. gear box; and SR7018 Vista 18 cu. ft. rear-open gear box.

SportRack Rooftop Rack Cargo Bags/Baskets Category

Popular cargo bag and basket models for rooftop racks are the SR8107 15 cu. ft. cargo bag; SR8106 13 cu. ft. cargo bag; and SR9030 roof basket.

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Image of the SportRack SR5528 6" block and strap full kit for carrying a canoe on a bare roof or on vehicle cross rails.

Thanks to the 2013 line of SportRack watersport systems for cross rails or bare roofs, you’ll be able to get your canoe or kayak to the water safely and securely, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. As a division of Thule Racks, name brand quality and budget-friendly affordability merge in SportRack watersport products. A variety of kayak cross bar mounts are included in the lineup, as are complete canoe and kayak foam block systems, and configurations are designed for cars with no roof rack (bare roof), cars with aftermarket roof racks (like those from SportRack, Yakima, Inno, Thule, Whispbar, and more), and for most vehicle factory car racks, too. Handy kayak and canoe rack accessories are also available.

SportRack Kayak Racks and Canoe/Kayak Block & Strap Kits Complete Product Lineup

SportRack Bare Roof Foam Blocks/Straps Complete Kit for Kayaks & Canoes Category

The SportRack SR5528 6” complete canoe kit standard carrier comes with everything included to carry a kayak on almost any vehicle roof: blocks, straps, and tie-downs. Six-inch foam blocks with cut-outs mount directly onto the canoe gunwales, and include a non-skid surface that is compatible with a naked car rooftop with no vehicle rack, a factory cross rails rack, or a round/square/elliptical aftermarket cross bars system. A pair of bow/stern tie-downs with buckles lash the canoe to the car bumpers, and a 15’ canoe strap connects the boat onto the vehicle roof or roof rack. Other popular models include the SR5529 8” canoe carrier; SR5527 adjustable kayak carrier; SR5525 12” kayak carrier; SR5530 14” kayak carrier; SR5526 16” kayak carrier; and SR5531 18” kayak carrier.

SportRack Roof Rack Kayak Systems Category

Popular kayak holders for vehicle cross bars include the SR5512 saddle kayak carrier; SR5523 side-stacking kayak carrier; SR5511 J-stacking kayak carrier; and SR5513 folding kayak carrier.


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Image of the locking SportRack SR6456 snowsport rack for 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.

SportRack ski and snowboard racks (owned by Thule Racks) fuse value, performance, and affordability in multiple styles and sizes of carrier that are sure to fit your gear and vehicle configurations. The 2013 ski and snowboard mounts by SportRack allow snowboards and skis to be carried at the same time, and offer everything from economy options for carrying just a single board or pair of skis, to weatherproof, versatile boxes that can carry snowboards, skis, poles, and gear altogether. Carriers are available for SportRack cross bars and other aftermarket roof racks (like those from Yakima, Inno, Thule, Whispbar, and more), and for most OEM vehicle cross rails, too.

SportRack snowboard and ski racks for cartop cross bars complete product line

SportRack Ski & Snowboard Roof Racks Category

The SportRack SR6456 cartop carrier for 4 snowboards/6 pairs of skis is a terrific choice that is compatible with round, square, or factory cross bars and mounts simply with no drilling required. Raiser block mounts are included for additional binding clearance, and locks are also integrated for extra security. Other popular models include the SR6454 rack for 2 snowboards/4 pairs of skis; and the SR6453 rack for 6 snowboards/8 pairs of skis.

SportRack Ski & Snowboard Cargo Boxes Category

Popular lockable and waterproof ski/snowboard roof boxes include the SR7017 box (17 cubic foot); SR7016 box (16 cubic foot); and the SR7011 (11 cubic foot).


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Image of the folding and locking SportRack SR2902LR platform-style 4-bike hitch rack for 2" receivers.

SportRack bike racks deliver value, performance, and economy in a straightforward and reliable package that is geared for all of your cycling adventures, whether you’re driving your bike around the block or across the country. With a new line for 2013, no matter what type of bicycle rack you’re looking for SportRack has you covered–from roof and trailer hitch mounts to rear hatch, trunk, or spare tire systems, to indoor or outdoor storage racks, and even accessories like locks or frame adapters.

All SportRack hitch, roof, trunk/hatch/spare tire, and storage bike racks

SportRack Trailer Hitch Bike Racks Category
Check out the SportRack SR2902LR Locking Platform Hitch Bike Rack, one terrific hitch-mount option for carrying up to four bicycles. The 4-bike Locking Platform Hitch Bike Rack is compatible with 2″ trailer hitch receivers, and conveniently tilts down to access rear vehicle hatch or door and also folds up for easy clearance and on-vehicle storage when not in use. Adjustable rubberized hooks hold bicycles by the frame, keeping them protected and stable on any road surface, and are compatible with almost any size or style of bike. Plus, locks are even included to lock bikes onto the hitch rack and the hitch rack onto the vehicle. Other popular models in the trailer hitch bike rack category include: SR2901 and SR2901LR tilt-down platform bike racks; SR2403 and SR2404 hanging hitch bike racks; SR2414 towable trailer hitch bike rack; SR2512 and SR2513 trailer hitch tow ball mount hitch bike racks.

 SportRack Rooftop Bike Racks Category
Popular model bicycle carriers for mounting to car rack cross bars include: ABR622, SR4882, SR4882RP, SR4611 and SR4622 roof bike racks.
SportRack Rear Hatch Door / Car Trunk Bike Racks and Spare Tire Bike Racks Category
Popular model bicycle carriers include:  
SR2813 3-bike spare tire bike rack; SR3141 3-bike SUV / van bike rack, SR3161, SR3152 and SR3162 car trunk / hatchback bike racks.
SportRack Bike Storage Stands, Bike Parking Racks and Accessories Category
Popular models include: SR0010 bike parking rack; SR0012 bicycle storage rack / adjustable upright stand; SR0500 alternative bike adapter; SR0017 and SR0018 hitch rack locking knobs; SR0020 bike cable lock; SR0022 and SR0901 hitch pin bolts, lock pins and cable locks.

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Image of the SportRack SR1020 car rack for camper RVs and camp trailers.

Setting out on any epic cross country adventure or weekend get-away is quicker and easier with the right gear…and it’s even more enjoyable when getting set up with the right gear doesn’t require burning through your vacation budget. That’s where the terrific 2013 line of SportRack rooftop cross bars systems comes in. As a division of Thule Racks, SportRack delivers top quality and performance in products that are also surprisingly affordable. Their roof base racks accommodate all SportRack accessories and additionally work with most carriers from other brands like Yakima, Thule, Malone, Inno, RockyMounts, or Whispbar. To find fit specifications for your vehicle, consult the SportRack Fit Guide.

One option perfect for all-day or all-summer adventures is the SportRack SR1020 camper top roof rack, manufactured for use on campers or trailer tops. This sturdy, versatile rack system comes with feet and mounting hardware, and adjustable cross bars that telescope from 79” to 88” long, allowing a custom bar length for the roof width on a specific camper or camp trailer. The SR1020 system works well for any configuration of gear, like bike holders, canoe or kayak cradles, surfboard or SUP clamps, ski or snowboard mounts, or cargo bags and boxes – and with the impressive 200 pound weight limit on the SR1020, nothing needs to be left at home.

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SportRack SR1001 Rain Gutters Roof Rack

by Rack-Z on October 22, 2013

Here's the outstanding, new for 2013 SportRack SR1001 roof rack for rain gutters.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, high-quality cartop rack that won’t break the bank, consider the fine collection of car roof rack systems by SportRack. With a new and redesigned line for 2013, SportRack (a division of Thule Racks) has a multi-purpose vehicle rack for almost any rig you’re driving, whether it’s a car, truck, or minivan with a naked rooftop, a model with rain gutters or factory rails, or maybe even a camper RV. These cartop base racks provide the perfect platform for hauling any type of gear, like snowboards, skis, bicycles, surfboards, SUPs, canoes, kayaks, cargo boxes, luggage bags, and more. To determine which rack fits best on your vehicle, check out the SportRack Fit Guide.

And if your vehicle has rain gutters, the SportRack SR1001 rain gutter rooftop vehicle rack is probably the right choice for you. The SR1001 is a quick and easy install, mounting right into the rain gutters on the vehicle using specially-designed hooks and feet, and also comes with a pair of cross bars and even locks and keys. Not only do these square SportRack cross bars fit with any SportRack rack accessories, but they’re also compatible with most other rack brands, such as Yakima, Thule, Malone, Inno, RockyMounts, or Whispbar, and the built-in lock cores mean you can drive anywhere without worrying about your new rack system.

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SportRack SR1009 Factory Side Rails Roof Rack

by Rack-Z on October 10, 2013

Image of the new for 2013 SportRack SR1009 vehicle rack for use on factory side rails.

SportRack is a division of Thule Racks, which means they deliver trusted quality and performance in all of their vehicle racks. But SportRack is also uniquely affordable, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly way to reliably transport their gear on their car. SportRack’s rooftop cross rails racks offer something for every configuration or every type of vehicle, from naked rooftops to those with factory side rails or cross bars, rain gutters, or even campers. The square cross bars included in any SportRack complete cartop rack accommodate all SportRack accessories as well as most carriers from other brands like Yakima, Thule, Malone, Inno, RockyMounts, or Whispbar. Visit the SportRack base system roof racks page for a full product lineup and more information, and consult the SportRack Fit Guide to determine the best models for your specific vehicle.

For vehicles with factory side rails, the SportRack SR1009 car rack for parallel rails is a terrific choice. The SR1009 roof rack kit comes with four adjustable feet that fit most raised factory side rails, a pair of cross bars, and even locks and keys to lock the system onto the roof of the car. These factory rack compatible rooftop cross bars provide a sturdy, versatile platform for carrying any type of gear, including snowboards, skis, bicycles, surfboards, SUPs, canoes, kayaks, cargo boxes, luggage bags, and more. The SR1009 rack system can be mounted to accommodate different factory rail sizes and shapes, and is particularly fast and simple to install or remove.

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Image of the SportRack SR1002 naked roof car rack with towers, cross bars, and locks.

Considering a new roof rack for your vehicle, but looking for something budget-friendly? Check out the 2013 new line-up of SportRack rooftop rack systems. Manufactured by Thule Racks, SportRack car racks offer name brand quality, performance, and affordability. They’re designed to carry any rack accessory or type of gear, including snowboards, skis, bicycles, sufboards, SUPs, canoes, kayaks, cargo boxes, luggage bags, and more, and SportRack makes a variety of rack options for vehicles with bare rooftops: the SR1002, SR1003, SR1004, SR1005, SR1006, SR1007, SR1008, and SR1010. To find fit specifications for particular racks and vehicles, visit the SportRack Fit Guide.

The SportRack SR1002 bare rooftop vehicle rack mounts quickly and easily, creating a versatile, reliable base rack system. It comes in a kit with four feet and hooks, a pair of cross bars, and even locks and keys included too. The SportRack cross bars not only fit with SportRack products, but also are compatible with most other rack brands, like Yakima, Thule, Malone, Inno, RockyMounts, or Whispbar.

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Image of a rooftop cross bars rack for two bicycles on a Ford F250 truck bed cap with tracks, featuring the Yakima Control Towers base rack (with LP1 landing pads and 66" bars) and two Yakima HighRoller bike mounts.

These Yakima HighRollers on Control Towers for tracks on a Ford F-250 Leer pickup bed topper are the perfect way to carry bicycles around town or across the country.

Pop quiz: how do you carry multiple bicycles, a boat, ladder, or lumber, and a whole mess of tools, camping supplies, or random gear all at once on the same vehicle? With this terrific solution a customer recently installed on their Ford F-250! They selected a Yakima round bars rooftop ladder rack with locking bicycle carriers for a Leer pickup truck bed cap with tracks. With this truck topper rack system, the bed of this customer’s truck is left open for other applications, while bikes and any additional rack accessories or other long loads are carried easily and safely on the Leer cap. A Yakima Control Tower car rack is connected onto the truck cap tracks shown here using four Landing Pad 1 mounts and a pair of 66″ cross bars. Then, a Yakima HighRoller bike rack is attached at either end of the cross bars, allowing bikes to be carried on the outside of the bars and leaving plenty of room in between to mount other items. The Control Tower base system can be installed or removed in seconds, leaving only the minimal landing pad brackets in the tracks, and the HighRoller bicycle trays feature an upright-style design that doesn’t require taking off the front wheel before using, fit with almost any size or style of bike, and even come with locks included.

Discover more on the Ford F250 bike racks with adjustable cross rails for fiberglass pickup topper tracks installation page.

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Image of a Ford F150 Leer pickup topper with a permanent raingutters truck shell cap rack, featuring the Yakima Bolt Top Loader artificial raingutter brackets and the Yakima 1A Raingutter complete base rack wtih 78" cross bars.

This Yakima raingutter truck topper rack for a Leer shell on a Ford F150 pickup bed is perfect for hauling building supplies, boats, or any other long loads.

These customer install pictures demonstrate a terrific way to mount cross bars on a fiberglass camper or pickup truck shell: Yakima 1A Raingutter towers on Bolt Top Loader artificial raingutter brackets for a Ford F-150 Leer truck bed cap. This customer drilled the Yakima Bolt Top Loader brackets directly into the top of the F-150 Leer cap, creating four artificial raingutter mounts that they could then attach four Yakima 1A Raingutter towers onto. Finally, they added a pair of 78″ cross bars for a versatile, dependable base rack that can easily be taken on or off and is ready to carry virtually any load on top of the pickup truck cap.

For complete details, visit the fiberglass Ford F150 truck bed cap with cross bars on permanent brackets installation page.

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Incredible image of a motorboat with Thule Gateway bike rack strapped to stern, featuring the Thule 9007xt Gateway 3 trunk bike rack.

The only thing you can't do with this motor boat bicycle carrier for 3 bikes is ride on water.

The only problem with boating is that you never know when you might spot land and want to go for a ride. With this custom install, that’s not a problem anymore. This customer created a motorboat-mounting trunk bicycle rack that allows them to take their bikes and their boat in the same outing. They selected the Thule 9007xt Gateway 3 trunk rack, strapping it to the stern of their motorboat with Thule’s patented and effortless lever adjustment. Hold Fast cradles and Anti-Sway cages protect and secure the bikes, preventing them from swinging into each other on bumpy roads. The arms on the Gateway rack drop down for improved parking clearance and on-car storage when bicycles aren’t being transported, and not only does this rack fit on boats, but it also fits with most types of bicycle, too.

To learn more, visit the trunk/hatchback mount bicycle strap rack installed on a boat page.

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Image of 2008 Cadillac SRX raised rails with cartop rack basket and load bar pads, featuring the Thule 450 CrossRoad base rack with 50" bars, the Thule 690xt MOAB roof basket, and two pairs of Thule 801 surf pads.

This cartop basket and pads on Thule cross bars for a 2008 Cadillac SRX is a great system for transporting any gear imaginable.

Are your family trips to the beach getting a bit cramped? We’re willing to bet this customer hasn’t had to ride with their feet on a cooler or a duffel bag of wet swim gear in their lap since they installed this great luggage basket and cross rail pads on a car rack for 2008 Cadillac SRX parallel rails. Now they can fit all of their gear on the roof of their vehicle, leaving plenty of room inside the car for passengers to stretch out. This system begins with the Thule 450 CrossRoad base system, using four 450 CrossRoad feet and two 50” load bars. This roof rack mounts directly onto the raised side rails on this Cadillac, creating a stable and multi-purpose car rack. Then, a Thule 690xt MOAB cargo basket is attached to the load bars. The MOAB basket comes with universal mounting hardware that is compatible on both factory or round/square cross bars, a custom front fairing to deflect wind and reduce noise, and adjustable cross bars that attach to the basket rails, allowing additional rack accessories to connect over top of the basket. Next, this customer put these basket cross bars to good use, adding two sets of Thule 801 Surf Pads. Now they’re set to carry surfboards, SUPs, windsurfers, kayaks, canoes, and lots more.

To find out more, head to the Thule CrossRoads car rack with MOAB basket and Surfboard Pads on elevated side rails for a 2008 Cadillac SRX installation page.

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Great install photo of a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with Thule luggage basket mounted to OEM roof bars, using the Thule 690xt MOAB cargo basket.

This Thule MOAB universal rooftop basket on a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle rack is a perfect combination for a day of shopping or a summer of camping.

It’s a perfect day for a road trip, and thanks to their new rooftop cargo basket for 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo cross bars, this customer won’t have any problems bringing all their friends and all their stuff along for the drive. This rack system features the Thule 690xt MOAB roof basket mounted directly onto the OEM cross rails on this Grand Cherokee. Not only is the Thule MOAB basket compatible with virtually any factory cross bar, but the universal attachment brackets mean it also fits onto aftermarket cross bars. Installation is quick and simple, and with a Thule 544 set of four lock cores, the basket can also be locked onto the vehicle roof for complete peace of mind. An included basket fairing reduces wind noise and adds a sporty finishing touch. This durable, multi-purpose MOAB basket is perfect for any vehicle and any cargo, and with the included basket-mounting Thule cross bars, additional accessories like bike or ski racks can even be attached over top of the basket. And if you need even more room, a Thule MOAB basket extension is also available separately.

To find out more, go to the OEM Car Rack with Rooftop Cargo Basket on a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee installation page.

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Nice image of a four-bicycle folding receiver hitch mount on a Honda CRV, featuring the Thule 9029 Vertex 4 hitch bike rack.

This Honda CRV with Thule Vertex hitch-mount bike holder is perfect for any type of bike or any trip.

Whether they plan to transport road bikes to a race or cruisers to an afternoon on the boardwalk, this customer has the ideal system for the job: a Thule Vertex rear hitch bicycle rack on a Honda CRV receiver. The Thule 9029 Vertex 4 bike holder shown here works with almost any size or style of bike, and installs directly onto a 1.25” or 2” trailer hitch. It tilts away from the back of the vehicle for handy rear door/hatch access, and also folds down when not being used. Bikes are held securely in place thanks to cushioned cradles, cages, and arc-shaped bike arms that prevent bicycles from swinging against one another on bumpy roads. Other Vertex hitch bike rack models are also available in a two or five bike capacity, or with a swing-away design. Plus, there are terrific CURT trailer hitch receivers available for vehicles without a hitch mount already installed.

For more information, visit the Thule Vertex bike carrier for a Honda CRV trailer hitch mount installation page.

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Malone Roof Racks on Subaru Outbacks

by Rack Magic Woman on September 9, 2013

Interesting and useful information from Malone Auto Racks technical support department post-field test of their products on Subaru Outback:

Malone carriers do fit the Subaru Outbacks. BUT…(always a but, right). Subaru has 2 different designs of roof racks available. The wagon models have the roof rail that unlocks and then pivots into the cross bar position. On these systems our (Malone) carriers mount very well. Our cross bars however don’t, but with this system folks wouldn’t need an after market cross bar anyway.

On the smaller sedan versions Subaru offers a ‘Factory’  cross bar that mounts into recessed pre-drilled holes along the rain gutter (offered from 2008-current). Malone carriers will mount around these but due to the profile of the  crossbar the carriers will lean towards the front of the vehicle. This is the situation that we don’t recommend our carriers on.

*The Subaru Forester has just a plain raised roof rail that our cross bars fit onto very well.


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Looking for Direct Mount Roof Rack for 2013 FJ Cruiser

by Rack Magic Woman on September 5, 2013

Q: I’m buying a 2013 FJ Cruiser and the factory rack is really not going to meet my needs (mounting a “rack to a rack”, which would be the case if we had the factory installed unit, is too much hardware and too high up for us).  Can you recommend a system where we can install a mounting point (or whatever) on the roof using the existing mounting points (i.e. no new holes) where we can connect a Thule, Yakima (or whatever) tower with a cross bar?  My configuration will be the basic cross bars with a kayak J-cradle and/or a box on top for skis.

A:  Whispbar is the only rack system we have that will allow you to utilize the fixed points on your FJ. There are three different Whispbar options for your vehicle, and they are:

Whispbar Flush Bar System, (includes S8 flush bars, K595 fit kit and locks). This will give you the cleanest, factory installed look of the three.

Whispbar Through Bar System (includes S17 through bars, K595 fit kit and locks). This will give you more real estate on the bars if you need to carry multiple kayaks, bikes, etc down the road. This is the one I would recommend for your vehicle.

Whispbar HD Bar System (includes T17HDXB bars, K595 fit kit and locks). This will give you a beefier bar that would definitely match the rugged style of the FJ, but it does not give you any extra capacity in either weight or bar space.

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Image of a Toyota 4Runner with swing out bike rack for a 2" trailer hitch, featuring the Yakima SwingDaddy hitch bike rack.

This slide-away hitch bicycle carrier on a Toyota 4Runner 2" trailer hitch is a simple way to carry bikes and access the back vehicle door.

If there was a top gun of hitch bicycle racks, this one would definitely be in the running: the Yakima SwingDaddy hitch rack for four bikes on a Toyota 4Runner. The premium SwingDaddy bike rack is compatible with 2” receiver hitches and includes a swing-out feature that lets the rack extend out from the vehicle to open the rear car door without taking the bikes off the rack. It also comes with anti-sway cradles and cages to protect and steady bikes, cradle arms that fold flush with the hitch rack mast to take up less space when bicycles aren’t being transported, and full locking security for the bikes and the rack itself. Plus, there are excellent aftermarket CURT receiver hitch mounts available for cars not equipped with a trailer hitch.

Find out more at the Yakima SwingDaddy hitch-mount bike cradles for a Toyota 4Runner installation page.

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Image of a Toyota Rav4 door-mounted spare tire with a locking bike carrier, featuring the Yakima SpareTime 2.

This Yakima SpareTime 2 Toyota Rav 4 spare tire bicycle rack will also fit most other rear-mount spare tires.

There’s no need to sacrifice the convenience of a rear door spare tire for the convenience of a rear door bike rack. Instead, you can have both—and here’s one install that shows you how: a Yakima SpareTime 2 bike holder on a Toyota Rav-4 rear door spare tire. The Yakima SpareTime 2 bike rack shown here installs directly onto the spare tire plate on this Rav4, and also fits onto almost any other spare tire bolt pattern. It carries two bikes and is even versatile enough to mount onto tires that aren’t centered on the vehicle door. Anti-Sway cradles hold bikes snug and upright to prevent swaying or scratching, locks and keys for both bicycles and the rack itself come included, and the arms also collapse for simple on-vehicle storage when bikes aren’t being transported. And if all this weren’t enough, the SpareTime 2 even comes with built-in bottle openers, proving Yakima has thought of everything.

For complete details, visit the Folding Bicycle Rack for Spare Tire on a Toyota RAV4 installation page.

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Water in my Roof Box – Thought it was Waterproof?

by Rack Magic Woman on August 20, 2013

Q: I purchased the Thule 625 Force XL roof box, knowing that this was the best waterproof option for carrying my gear on the roof of my 2011 Chevy Tahoe.  After one long road trip in the rain I found puddles in the box and most of my stuff was wet? What’s with that?

A: Thule discovered in the 1st quarter of 2013 that specifically the 625 Force XL and 626 Force XXL roof boxes were prone to ‘fish mouthing’, a term Thule uses to describe the tendency of a roof box lid to open up a bit in the front (looking like an open mouth bass fish). This is caused by the lack of reinforcement in the box lid to withstand the tremendous wind forces produced during travel.

Thule took these Force boxes out of production and redesigned them using the same front lid reinforcement bar and rivets engineering as the premium series Thule Sonic boxes – Solving the problem on this next generation of the 625 Force and Force XXL.  See the pictures below to check and see if your box has the rivets and re-enforced bar…


Thule 625 Force Cargo Box


Thule Force 625 With Reinforcement Rivets


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Image of the premium new Whispbar WB400 kayak carrier for T channel or standard cross bars.

The sliding arms with the new Whispbar WB400 rooftop kayak J-cradles are a convenient and low-profile load assist feature for easier boat loading and unloading.

At the risk of a bad pun, we have to say that the exciting new Whispbar WB400 kayak cradles system blows its competition right out of the water. It’s easy to see why with Whispbar’s outstanding combination of performance, convenience, and style. QuickDock install hardware mounts directly into the T channel on the top side of many cross bars (including Whispbar, Thule XSporter or AeroBlade, and many factory roof rack models) for a seamless and secure fit, and also comes with adapters for use with traditional round or square rails from brands like Thule, Yakima, Inno, etc. The J-style cradle saves space on the roof rack by holding the kayak at an angle, while the included cross bar and bow-stern straps allow the boat to be fully tied down on the rack for worry-free transit—plus, the upper section of each J-cradle folds down when not in use, providing better aerodynamics and garage clearance. Cradle arms slide out to the side for painless loading: just angle the kayak onto the cradle arms along the side of the vehicle, then slide the arms closed again and the kayak glides into place in the cradle. Boats are kept snug and protected thanks to padding on the cradles, and locks and keys are also included to lock the WB400 rack onto the car roof. Combine all of this with the sleek, attractive, and aerodynamic design on this Whispbar kayak rack, and you have one fantastic package for your next paddling excursion.

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Image of the fantastic new Thule 528 Sprint bicycle mount for factory, round, or square cross rails.

The Thule 528 Sprint bike tray is loaded with ingenious features like this SonicHead front assembly.

Whether you are driving across the country to trail ride in all 50 states or just heading around town to hit up your favorite road loop, the new Thule 528 Sprint fork-clamp bike rack is the safe and effortless way to transport your bicycle to your destination. Thule’s newest fork-mount bike rack design features premium quality and clever new technologies that make for an easy to use and rugged-but-stylish bike carrier. The Thule Sprint comes with a patented SonicHead fork block assembly that makes loading your bike incredibly simple and reliable. Just remove the front wheel, insert the bike fork into the skewer, and secure with the acutight adjustment knob that makes an audible clicking sound when it is snug on the bike and needs to be set just once for use with the same bike. The rear bike wheel is held in place with an adjustable wheel cradle in the telescoping bike tray, allowing you to position the cradle in the ideal placement for the specific shape and size of your bike. The cradle and ratcheting wheel strap even feature built-in shock absorption to dampen road vibrations. The Thule Sprint is compatible with road, mountain, hybrid bikes, etc.–even models with disc brakes–and locks and keys are available for separate purchase to lock both bike and rack onto the car rack cross bars. Plus, Thule’s ingenious new SpeedLink clamp-on attachment system comes included, providing a lightning-fast install onto virtually any cross bar, from factory or elliptical styles to traditional round or square Thule/Inno/Yakima cross bars. And the aerodynamic design is not only more efficient, but also creates a sleek and sporty look.

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Image of the reliable and straightforward new Inno INH305 Tire Hold 2-bicycle rack for 1.25" or 2" trailer hitches. Use with the Inno INH306 Tire Hold Add-On to carry a third bike.

And here is the clever new Inno INH306 Tire Hold Add-On to carry an additional bicycle with the Inno INH305 Tire Hold hitch bike rack.

A hitch bike rack is one of the most painless ways to transport bikes on a vehicle, and now there’s a new hitch bike rack on the market that blends performance with security and ease of use: the Inno INH305 Tire Hold receiver hitch carrier for two bikes. Or, convert this model to a 3-bike carrier with the simple addition of the Inno INH306 Tire Hold Add-On bike tray. The INH305 Tire Hold uses a set of handy platform-style upright bike trays that hold bicycles by the wheels, eliminating frame contact and associated risks of scratching while also making it incredibly easy to use: just lift the bikes to knee-level and secure in the trays–no struggling to load the bike onto the roof or hassle with adjustment straps to secure the rack onto the car. The INH305 carries one or two bikes–or, with the INH306 add-on carry three bikes–and with adjustable wheel holders and bike trays, it fits almost any style of bike, including road, mountain, and some kid’s models. The INH305 is compatible with either 1-1/4″ or 2″ receiver hitches without needing any additional adapters (2″ receiver hitch required for use with the INH306). Tilt the carrier down to access the rear hatch door on your car or fold the carrier up when not in use with an easy lever located on the bottom of the rack, and don’t worry about stopping for dinner after a long day of riding–the INH305 comes with a cable to lock the bikes to the rack and a receiver hitch lock to lock the rack to the vehicle.

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Here's the standout new Inno INA392 Multi-Fork Lock roof bike rack, delivering ease-of-use, security, and all-new adaptability.

Check out the fresh and outstanding product breaking new ground in the bike rack world: the Inno INA392 Multi-Fork Lock fork-mount bicycle rack. The INA392 comes equipped with an exciting new feature no other bike rack can yet match–it accepts 15mm or 20mm thru-axles as well as the traditional 9mm axles with quick-releases. Avoid the hassle of buying separate adapters for your thru-axle bikes; instead, pick the appropriate included adapter and load your bike in seconds. A generously-sized quick release that only needs to be set one time when carrying the same bike makes for a handy and effortless install. And with a universal rear wheel cradle to boot, this is the perfect bike rack for any ride, from narrow road bikes to wide mountain/freeride bikes, and everything in between. Add a second tray on your roof rack and you’ll be equipped to bring along a friend on your next cycling trip, no matter what type of bicycle they’re riding. The INA392 also comes with anti-theft protection: locks and keys that lock the bike onto the tray and the tray onto the cross bars. Plus, it features universally-compatible attachment hardware that connects to either round/square cross bars from brands like Inno, Thule, Yakima, etc. or factory cross bars.

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Introducing the exceptional new Whipsbar WB200 cartop bicycle rack for road or mountain bikes.

No detail is overlooked in the jaw-dropping new Whispbar WB200 roof bike mount. Destroying the competition in performance, convenience, and style categories, the WB200 is versatile, easy to use, and compatible right out of the box with more styles of bicycle than ever before. This fork-mounting Whispbar bike rack comes with a SmartMount fork clamp that works on 15mm thru axle forks and 9mm quick release styles without needing any adapters. Simply remove the front wheel of the bike, set in the WB200 tray, and flip a switch for compatibility with either type of bicycle (other bike forks like the Cannondale Lefty or thru-axles of different sizes do require an adapter). And with the adjustable rear wheel cradle, the perfect fit is easily achieved on almost any bike (including models with disc brakes) for a snug and secure hold. The WB200 bike carrier also fits more styles of roof rack cross bar, thanks to the QuickDock mounting system that attaches directly into the cross bar channel on many rack systems just by using a lever, including WhispBar, Thule Aeroblade/XSporter, and some OEM/factory bars. And mounts are also included for traditional square or round cross bars. Plus, locks and keys come with the rack, meaning you can lock the bicycle into the WB200 tray and the tray onto the roof rack for complete peace of mind.

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Chariot Chinook 1 Stroller / Jogger Chassis with pivoting front wheel.

The Chariot Chinook 1 and Chinook 2 convertible child carrier system is now available from Chariot Carriers, a division of Thule Group.  Following the established unique Chariot  CTS (Child Transport System) modular system which is made up of a super stylish and  lightweight chassis  - the Chariot Chinook is considered part of  what Chariot is calling their Urban Series.  This is a great setup for parents on the go in cities and rural settings alike.  It is available as a 1 or 2 child version AND is also available as a package that includes “first year of like accessories”  - an Infant Car Seat Adapter which goes on top of the Chassis, a  Cargo Bag for carrying baby gear like diapers and bottles, and a  Baby Supporter for keeping your infant’s head and neck stabilized. Icing on the cake is that the Chinook is available in three great colors as well (aqua, charcoal & pumpkin).

The Chinook1 and Chinook2 both come with a pivoting front wheel.  [as a side note: new in 2013 all Chariot Chassis come with some sort of front wheel (The CX1 comes with the jogging conversion kit, the CX2 comes with the strolling kit etc.) - which is great because if you didn't quite understand how the system worked in the past you could end up with a really cool Chariot and no way to use it if you didn't think to get a conversion kit with it].

The pivoting (lockable) front wheel folds under the Chariot Chinook for transportation and storage. Currently the only Chariot conversion kit that is make for the Chinook is the Cycling Conversion kit for making the Chariot Chinook function as a bike trailer.



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Image of a 2012 Toyota Highlander factory side rails Yakima RailGrab kit with HullyRollers, Mako Saddles, and HullRaiser kayak holders and CURT hitch receiver, featuring the Yakima RailGrab roof rack kit, a set of Yakima Mako kayak saddles and a set of Yakima HullyRoller kayak saddles, two pairs of Yakima HullRaiser kayak J-cradles, and a CURT 13534 trailer hitch mount.

This J cradles and kayak rollers rack for 3 boats on factory side rails cross bars for a 2012 Toyota Highlander with CURT trailer hitch has all the bases covered for an epic paddling trip.

Customer F.R. sent in these installation pictures from nearby Rutland, Vermont, and they illustrate a superb way to carry multiple kayaks on a single vehicle rooftop. F.R. set up a 2012 Toyota Highlander with elevated roof rails cross bars, 2 kayak J cradles, a kayak rollers mount, and a rear trailer hitch receiver. This configuration begins with the multi-purpose Yakima RailGrab roof rack kit, which includes four RailGrab towers that attach directly onto the factory side rails on this vehicle, and two 58″ cross bars. The RailGrab kit creates a sturdy, versatile platform that any rack accessories can be added on to, and is also quick and easy to install or remove. Next, F.R. used two sets of Yakima HullRaiser kayak carriers mounted onto the driver and passenger sides of the roof rack. The HullRaiser’s padded J-style cradles save real estate on the cross bars by carrying boats at an angle while also keeping them stable and protected. In the middle of the RailGrab rack cross bars, F.R. connected a set of Yakima Mako kayak saddles on the front bar and Yakima HullyRoller kayak rollers on the rear bar. The grippy Mako saddles hold the boat securely hull-side down, while the rolling HullyRoller saddles provide an effortless way to load or unload the kayak. Finally, F.R. wisely chose one more accessory to expand the rack and gear possibilities. They installed a CURT 13534 2″ receiver hitch mount on their Highlander. Now, they have a burly trailer hitch in place should they want to add a hitch bike rack or gear trailer at a later date.

Find full details on this trailer hitch receiver and side rails roof rack for 3 kayaks on a Toyota Highlander on the installation page.

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Image of a Honda Pilot with 5-bike receiver hitch rack, featuring the Thule 9026 Apex 5 bike rack.

This mast-style hitch rack for carrying 5 bicycles on a Honda Pilot works great for bikes of almost any shape or size.

J.L. of Austin, Texas sent in these great install photos of their new Honda Pilot with 2″ trailer hitch rack for 5 bikes, featuring the terrific new Thule 9026 Apex 5 bike rack. Packed with innovative technologies and straightforward convenience, the Apex 5 carries 1-5 bikes and fits in 2″ trailer hitch receivers. Accessing the rear hatchback door on your vehicle is still a cinch thanks to the tilt-away design on the Apex 5, while the collapsible bike arms make it easy to leave the rack on the vehicle without taking up extra space when bikes aren’t being carried. And when you are transporting your bicycles, Hold Fast cradles with road dampening absorb shock and keep bikes firmly in place, and No Sway cages prevent them from bouncing into one another on rough roads. The arch shape of the bike arms allows bikes to be spaced at an ideal distance from one another, and to top it all off full locking security comes included: a cable lock to lock bikes onto the rack, and a hitch pin lock to lock the rack onto the car. Don’t have a receiver hitch pre-installed on your vehicle? Check out these sweet aftermarket CURT trailer hitch options.

To get more information on this system, go to the Thule Apex for 5 bikes in a Honda Pilot trailer hitch mount installation page.

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Image of a Chevrolet Trailblazer factory tracks car rack with bike trays and kayak holders, featuring the Yakima Control Tower roof rack with LP1 landing pads and 66" cross bars, the Yakima Mako Saddles and Hully Rollers kayak racks, and the Yakima Raptor Aero roof racks.

These roof track cross bars with rolling kayak saddles and upright bike mounts for a Chevy Trailblazer are the perfect way to outfit your ride for summer vacation.

These customer install images from next door in New Hampshire show a great solution for getting multiple kayaks and bikes on one vehicle: 2 upright bike racks with 2 kayak saddles and rollers on cartop rack cross bars for Chevy Trailblazer factory roof tracks. This superb configuration easily transports two bicycles and two kayaks at the same time, using the Yakima Control Tower car rack with 66″ cross bars and two pairs of LP1 landing pads that mount into the roof tracks on the vehicle; two Yakima Raptor Aero bike trays; two pairs of Yakima Mako kayak saddles on the front cross bar; and two pairs of Yakima Hully Rollers kayak saddles on the back cross bar. Each component of this setup is easy to assemble, easy to use, and geared for performance and convenience. The Raptor Aero bike racks hold bicycles by the frame, meaning loading is as simple as wheeling into place in the tray and securing, and the Raptor Aero is universally compatible with either factory or aftermarket cross bars. The Hully Rollers kayak racks feature roller-style cradles that make loading the boat easier–simply position the front of the boat hull-side down on the rollers and slide into place in the rack. The gripping Mako kayak saddles that pair with the Hully Rollers ensure the boat is safe and secure in transit, and bow/stern straps and tie-down straps are also included.

For more information, head to the Chevrolet Trailblazer vehicle rack for factory tracks with mounts for two kayaks and two bikes installation page.

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Image of an elevated side rails vehicle rack and cargo pod on a 2012 Toyota Highlander, featuring the Whispbar S47 roof rack and the Thule 335B Sonic XL luggage box.

Here's a shiny Whispbar base rack for raised factory rails on a 2012 Toyota Highlander with Thule cargo shell.

These pictures look like the start to a great road trip, with the help of this aerodynamic cartop cargo box on cross bars for a 2012 Toyota Highlander. This customer began their rack configuration by mounting a Whispbar S47 Rail Bar car rack directly onto the raised roof rails on their 2012 Toyota Highlander. The outstanding WhispBar Rail Bar system comes complete with everything needed for a durable, sleek, high-performance car rack: Rail Bar feet that are compatible with most raised factory side rails, burly but low-profile cross bars that are incredibly quiet and efficient even at highway speeds, and locks for extra security. This base rack now serves as the perfect platform for a huge array of gear, like bikes, boats, skis, surfboards, etc. This customer opted to add a terrific 17 cubic foot capacity Thule 335B Sonic XL hard-sided cargo/luggage container onto the Whispbar cross bars. With universal mounting hardware that not only fits round/square/elliptical/factory OEM cross rails but also indicates with an audible click when a secure hold has been achieved on the cross bars, a cut-out shape in the back of the box and extra installation positions for easier opening of hatchback doors, and an extra-efficient box shape, this durable and waterproof gear pod covers all the bases. This also means, of course, that it includes locks.

To learn more, visit the 2012 Toyota Highlander hardshell luggage container with roof rack for parallel raised rails installation page.

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