Cast Your Eyes on These Fishing Rod Racks by RodMounts


If you’ve been fishing around for a way to safely and securely transport fishing rods on or inside a vehicle, you might have noticed that the options are slim. When it comes to the big fish like Thule and Yakima, the best they can offer is either a cargo box, which is certainly an excellent option albeit an expensive one, and a ski/snowboard carrier which simply “does the job.” But don’t worry, there are other fish in the sea. RodMounts offers excellent fishing rod specific rod carriers for transporting rods inside and outside of the vehicle.

The RodMounts Sumo fishing rod rack is the simplest and least expensive option and carries rods on the outside of the vehicle. It uses powerful suction cups that attach to the vehicle’s surface to carry up to six fishing rods. Check it out in this fine video below:

For interior fishing rod racks, check out the RodMount Rod-Up for Cars and the Rod-Up for Trucks. Both fishing rod carriers install inside the vehicle without drilling or too much fuss. Using clamps that attach to the headrest rails for the front assembly and suction cups for the rear assembly (Rod-Up for Cars) or clips that hook onto the truck cap window frames (Rod-Up for Trucks), the Rod-Up fishing rod carriers solve the problem of carrying multiple fishing rods safely and securely in your vehicle.

The Rod-Up for Cars carries up to six rods out of the box (with the ability to add more rods with the purchase of additional rod holders) and mounts high against the roof to maintain as much head room as possible.
The Rod-Up for Trucks with pass-thru windows is a much better alternative for transporting rods than laying the rods on the floor of the bed. The Rod-Up installs using stainless steel hooks that attach to the window frames of the cap for the rear assembly and clamps that attach to the headrest posts for the front assembly.