Customer Install–2016 Toyota RAV 4 with Yakima TimberLine Base Rack and Thule 835Pro Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Racks and Thule 9034XT T2 Pro Hitch Mount Bike Rack


All loaded up and ready to hit the road, this 2016 Toyota RAV 4 with hitch mount bike rack and kayak rack system features the Yakima TimberLine roof rack system with JetStream aero bars for raised side rails. Attached to the Yakima JetStream bars are two Thule 835Pro Hull-a-Port kayak racks. Attached to the receiver hitch is the Thule 9034XT T2 Pro hitch mount platform style bike rack.

The 9034XT Thule T2 Pro hitch mount bike rack mounted into the 2″ hitch of this 2016 Toyota RAV 4.
The Yakima TimberLine base rack system attaches to most vehicles with raised side rails. Here it is using the premium aluminum JetStream bars with two Thule 835Pro Hull-a-Port kayak racks.