CUSTOMER INSTALL–Seeing Double? 2013 Ford E-150 Van with Two Thule 300 Gutter Foot Roof Rack Systems Using LB78 78″ Load Bars and Twelve(!) RockyMounts Tomohawk Bike Racks


There aren’t a lot of vehicles out there that can carry twelve bikes on its roof, but here is one that can. To pull it off, this Ford E-150 van features two Thule 300 Gutterfoot roof rack systems for vehicles with raingutters, yielding a total of four, or two pairs, of Thule LB78 78″ load bars. Attached to each pair of load bars are six RockyMounts Tomahawk upright style bike racks for a total bike carrying capacity of twelve bikes.

This Ford E-150 van has raingutters running the entire length of the roof, and as you can see, they are being utilized with two complete Thule roof rack systems with RockyMounts bike racks attached.


RockyMounts Tomahawk bike carriers mounted to Thule load bars on a Ford E-150 van.