Got a Sedan? Want to Carry Bikes? Here is a Breakdown of Bike Rack Options for a Sedan Featuring the 2016 Honda Civic


When it comes to bike rack options for a sedan like the 2016 Honda Civic, there are several options to choose from. One is a roof mount bike rack system, which requires a base rack system (aka crossbar system or roof rack system), such as the Thule 480R Rapid Traverse roof rack system as well as a single roof mount bike rack for each bike you want to carry. This is generally the most expensive option when if comes to carrying multiple bikes since you first have to invest in a base rack system and then you must purchase multiple roof mount bike racks and locks if you want theft protection. But on the plus side, you’ll have a multi-purpose base rack that can be used to attach other gear attachments for carrying kayaks or canoes, SUPs or surfboards, or for attaching a cargo box or cargo basket for transporting general gear and supplies.

The least expensive option would be a trunk mount bike rack, which hooks onto the trunk lid and rests against the top of the trunk and just above the bumper and can carry up to three bikes, depending on the model. But because trunk mount bike racks rest on the roof and hook on with up to 6 hooks, there is a lot of vehicle contact, so the likelihood of a scuff or scratch to the vehicle is highest with trunk mount bike racks. But if installed correctly and used as intended, scuffs and scratches can generally be avoided. Another drawback with a trunk mount bike rack installed is that the trunk cannot be safely opened without removing the bikes from the bike rack.

The third option is a hitch mount bike rack, which requires a receiver hitch to attach to. Most trucks and SUVs come with receiver hitches already installed, but sedans don’t, so the purchase of a receiver hitch in addition to the hitch mount bike rack is required. This picture of 2016 Honda Civic with hitch mounted bike rack is using the Thule 9035XT T2 Pro hitch mount bike rack, which attaches to 1 1/4″ hitches. A hitch mount bike rack is an excellent option as there is no vehicle contact, loading and unloading is easiest (especially with a platform style hitch mount bike rack like the Thule T2 Pro shown here), and the trunk can be freely opened with bikes loaded. Also, a hitch mount bike rack can carry up to five bikes (hanging style only).

Picture of a 2016 Honda Civic with Thule 9035XT T2 Pro hitch mount bike rack mounted to 1 1/4″ receiver hitch. The Thule T2 Pro can fold up and out of the way when not in use, and can be tilted down (from flat transport position) with bikes loaded to enable a hatch door on SUVs and wagons to open freely.