I Spy–2016 Honda HR-V Roof Rack Using Thule 480 Traverse Roof Rack System


Photo of a 2016 Honda HR-V roof rack system using the Thule 480 Traverse rack system for naked roof vehicles. The 2016 Honda HR-V uses Thule Traverse Fit Kit 1792 and Thule LB50 50″ square load bars. Thule’s square bars are ready for just about any attachment, from kayak and canoe racks, SUP and surfboard racks, bike racks and ski racks, as well as cargo boxes and cargo baskets.

The Thule 480 Traverse roof rack system attaches with customized metal brackets that hook onto the edge of the roof under the doors and provides a pair of roof top crossbars for mounting attachments to, with a 165 lb weight limit.