Roof Rack Options for Kia Niro Hybrid


The 2017-2018 Kia Niro plug-in hybrid crossover comes with factory installed flush side rails, which are railings that run along the side of the vehicle from front to back with no gap between the rail and the roof. Located along the flush side rails are fixed mount points where aftermarket roof rack systems can safely and securely attach. Here are some options for roof racks for a Kia Niro from Yakima and Thule:

Thule roof rack systems for 2017-18 Kia Niro:

Thule AeroBlade Edge roof rack system

Thule 460R Rapid Podium

Thule 460 Podium


Yakima rack systems for 2017-18 Kia Niro:

Yakima RidgeLine roof rack system