Smoother Sailing with These Handy Watersports Accessories


To properly carry a kayak on the roof of a vehicle, you need a set of crossbars, a kayak rack that attaches to the crossbars, and a set of load straps and bow/stern tie downs to secure the boat into the kayak rack (usually included with kayak rack). With a crossbar system (aka base rack system) and a kayak carrier with load straps and tie downs, you have the essentials to safely and securely transport a kayak on your car.

But what about locking the kayak to the roof? What about something that makes the task of loading and unloading a large, heavy kayak a little easier, or something that facilitates getting the kayak from the vehicle to the water? And what about an easy access anchor point for the bow/stern tie down straps? The answers to these questions can be found with kayak rack accessories.

There are several locking cables that can be used to lock the kayak into the kayak carrier, as well as locking load straps that feature a steel cable inside the nylon webbing and a locking cam buckle. These locking load straps replace the standard load straps and simultaneously secure the kayak into the carrier as well as lock it down. Here are some of our favorite kayak locks:

Yakima RipCord Locking Cargo Straps

Thule 538XT 6′ Cable Lock

Lasso Security Cable System

For kayak lift assist, here are some great options:

Malone K-Rack Load Assist Module

Thule 847 Outrigger II Lift Assist

Yakima ShowBoat 66 Roller System

And these Thule 530 Quick Loop Straps provide easy access anchor points for your kayak bow/stern tie down straps, so no more reaching under the hood and no more scuffed paint.

And for the trip from the car to the water, these Malone kayak/canoe hand carts will save your back!