I Spy–2001 Toyota Tacoma Truck Cap Rack and Hitch Mount Bike Rack Using Thule 387 Raingutter Feet and Thule T2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack


This 2001 Toyota Tacoma roof rack for a truck topper consists of the Thule 387 Rain Gutter High Roof Rack System with Thule LB58 58″ load bars attached to a set of Thule 542 Artificial Raingutter Brackets, which are permanently mounted to the truck cap. The 387 Rain Gutter feet are 8″ tall to provide adequate crossbar clearance (generally about 4″) over the roof when attached to rain gutters mounted on the side of the shell. On this Tacoma with rain gutter brackets mounted to the top of the truck shell, the 387 feet position the load bars twice as high as necessary, so the standard Thule 300 Rain Gutter feet would be more appropriate. But as long as the driver is especially cautious of low overhangs, he should be alright.

Also mounted to the 2″ hitch for this Toyota Tacoma hitch mount bike rack is the Thule 9034XT T2 Pro platform style hitch mount bike rack.

2001 Toyota Tacoma hitch bike rack and camper shell crossbar system using the Thule 9042 T2 Pro bike rack and the Thule 387 Rain Gutter High roof rack system with Thule 542 Artificial Rain Gutters.