RACKS GONE ROGUE!–Roof Basket Bolted–Yes Bolted–Directly to Roof of 1997 Geo Prizm


Yikes!!! This Racks Gone Rogue picture is for educational purposes only! This is a non-approved, untested, warranty-voiding and potentially unsafe roof rack system. Use of this rack system in this way is not recommended as it could lead to damage to the vehicle and/or cargo, or it could detach from the roof entirely while driving. 

No base rack system, no problem? Only if the basket remains empty and the vehicle stays parked.

This Rack Gone Rogue photo, or should we say Racks Gone Missing photo, is of a late model Geo Prizm with a roof basket that has been bolted directly to the bare roof, bypassing the very important multi purpose base rack system that provides crossbars for attachments like cargo baskets and cargo boxes to mount to. If damage to your roof and the very good possibility of the basket sheering off the roof at any moment doesn’t settle well with you, here is an option for an approved and tested permanent mount roof rack system for a 1997 Geo Prizm: Thule 460 Podium roof rack system using Podium Fit Kit 3114 for permanent attachment to sheet metal rooftops.

Once the base rack is securely in place, a cargo basket or cargo box can be attached, as well as other gear carriers such as bike racks, kayak racks, ski/snowboard racks, and SUP/surfboard racks. Here are links for cargo baskets and boxes designed to attach to existing crossbar systems:

Cargo baskets

Cargo boxes