I SPY–2017 Toyota Tacoma Kayak Rack System for ARE Truck Cap Using Yakima SkyLine Rack System and Yakima DeckHand Kayak Saddles


Truck caps are the perfect home for rack systems, especially if the cap has a pre-installed track system. If it doesn’t, tracks can be installed, or you can bypass the tracks and mount a base rack directly to the cap. It’s cheaper without the tracks, but tracks are nice because you can easily adjust the crossbar spread to accommodate your cargo, i.e. you can spread them as far apart as possible for boats and move them closer together for bikes. And the racks can be easily removed from the tracks when not in use.

This 2017 Toyota Tundra with ARE cap is using the Yakima SkyLine roof rack system with CoreBars and Landing Pads #1 mounted into a set of Yakima 60″ tracks. Attached to the CoreBars are two sets of Yakima DeckHand Kayak saddles.

Yakima SkyLine system with Yakima DeckHand kayak saddles mounted into Yakima tracks. All that’s missing is the boat.