Racks Gone Rogue! 2007 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon with Yakima Crossbars Attached with Hose Clamps


Yikes! This Racks Gone Rogue picture is for educational purposes only! This is a non-approved, untested, warranty-voiding and potentially unsafe roof rack system. Use of this rack system in this way is not recommended as it could lead to damage to the vehicle and/or cargo, or it could detach from the roof entirely while driving. 

We’ve seen lots of unapproved methods of attaching a set of Yakima crossbars to factory installed raised side rails. Using hose clamps is one common way to do it, and is certainly a step up from using zip ties, which we’ve also seen. But although the metal hose clamp might be more effective than the plastic zip tie at keeping your crossbars from detaching suddenly from the side rails and taking all your cargo with them, it ranks far below the reliability of another ubiquitous hardware store item, the old U-bolt. Between using U-bolts, hose clamps, baling twine, or zip ties to attach a set of Yakima crossbars to raised side rails, it is probably best to use U-bolts. But Yakima most certainly doesn’t approve of that.

If you’re looking for the proper way to attach a set of Yakima RoundBars to the side rails of the 2007 Volkswagen Jetta, you’ll need a set of tested, secure, and approved Yakima towers for raised side rails. The Yakima LowRider and RailGrab towers for siderails have been discontinued and replaced with the new Yakima TimberLine Towers which work with Yakima JetStream and Yakima CoreBar aero bars as well as standard Yakima Roundbars using the Yakima RoundBar SL Adapters.

No bar end caps, no problem? The rust bubbles would disagree. Not sure what will fail first, the zip ties or the bars, but it’s a good thing nothing is tied down to this particular rack system!